PurityChrom chromatography software

PurityChrom® is a preparative chromatography software especially designed for the area of bio purification and FPLC. It includes intuitive data evaluation with peak recognition and integration.

Due to its high flexibility, methods can be developed according to specific demands. Although pre-set for volume-based operation, you have the freedom of creating methods also based on volume or time. There is also a possibility to pause a method during the run, providing you with complete control over your chromatography process. The fractionation offers advanced options including logical combinations of detection criteria and can be carried out using a fractionation valve as well as a fraction collector.

PurityChrom® supports the modular concept of KNAUER AZURA and thus comes as an expandable solution. Check the different product options.

Control your purification

PurityChrom is a powerful software to control your FPLC system. Get familiar with PurityChrom in shortest time and with no effort due to the intuitive and clearly structured user interface. Choose a time–or volume based workflow by just clicking one button. Create methods with highest flexibility to realize complex application without losing easy handling. Offline licenses for creating methods and data evaluation are for free.

System Visualisation

Keep an eye on your system with the system visualisation. The interactive flow path allows to control your system. Switch valves, start pumps, set autozero, start fraction collection. 

Hold & Adjust (a running method)

You have full control of your run. Hold a run to adjust the method or the system. Stay always in control and change the parameters of a running method. 

Extended threshold functions

 Automate any software function triggered by signals of any channel.   Automatically start fraction collection at the beginning of your desired peak.   Protect the system from overpressure and air bubbles. After end of sample   detection the software offers the possibility to automatically start or   continue the run. Automate the whole purification starting from sample   injection, via column washing to elution.

Check for impurities – full spectra diode array (DAD)

Check the purity of your peaks based on the absorbance spectra anywhere in the elution profile.

Intuitive data analysis

Integrate peaks fully automatically or manually. Receive the peak results by click on one button.

Solvent Supply – Calculate the consumption of buffers

The solvent supply function calculates the consumption of buffers and the waste level for the current run, thus preventing the column from running dry and flooding the lab.


PurityChrom® tutorials

Get an impression of the look-and-feel of PurityChrom. In our short video tutorials you can see how to start the software, set up your system, or write a method.


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