Preparative HPLC systems

The general objective of preparative chromatography is to isolate, purify and collect your target compounds. Preparative applications are often initially performed on an analytical level and need to be upscaled. Depending on the desired scale, the requirements for a preparative system differ in eluent supply, sample injection, column, and detection.

We customize our systems to meet your chromatography scale-up and purification challenges. Benefit from our experience in preparative chromatography. AZURA® preparative LC systems are the perfect solution for frequently changing separation tasks – from milligram to kilogram scale. Design your preparative HPLC system to your needs and combine flexibility and reliability. The Preparative LC systems are tailor-made for you.

Customized purification

Configure your prep HPLC system from injection to detection and choose between different materials, flow rates, valves and detectors. Due to the flexible design of our devices, you can easily change parts like pump heads or flow cells and integrate all components of the compact into the pilot-scale system. 

The AZURA® Prep LC systems can be used for special separation modes like peak recycling and stacked injections. We help you to configure your system and choose the best software for you.

Purification strategy:
Priorize purity, throughput or yield?

The dependencies between throughput, purity and yield always have to be considered in HPLC purifications. Whatever priority you decide for, with the AZURA preparative systems you can successfully adapt.

Semi preparative xylitol purification

Xylitol is used as sweetener in food industry and generated by chemical conversion of xylose to xylitol. Here, xylitol was purified from fermentation mash of microbial xylose conversion. The AZURA RID 2.1L refractive index detector was used for this semi - preparative purification in combination with polymer-based Eurokat Ca column.

AZURA® Preparative HPLC systems

Upscaling from analytical to preparative methods

The modular AZURA Preparative HPLC platform offers you the opportunity to build a purification system best suited to your needs.
The AZURA Pilot Prep LC is the ideal solution for your upscaling tasks. The 100 ml pump head allows you to run your system under analytical conditions before adapting your method to preparative scale.

Flexibility and performance with modular components

What is selectable?

Sample selection and injection 
Manual or automated injection: use a valve or a valve with feed pump.Learn more about sample injection.

Mobile Control 
Optional touch display and control tool for AZURA systems. Learn more about Mobile Control.

Various detector types (UV/VIS, DAD, RI, FL, MS) and a selection of flow cells for a wide range of flow rates. Learn more about Detectors.

Space- saving assistant 
Customizable combination of valves, detectors and pumps in one housing e.g. for column switching. Learn more about our multifunction Lab- assistant

Fraction collection 
Fractionation valve or fraction collector for various flow rates (up to 1000 ml/min). Learn more about fraction collection.

Eluent delivery 
A choice of pumps with pump heads available in different materials allows maximum flow rates from 50 – 1000 ml/min. Isocratic, low and high pressure gradient forming are possible. Learn more about pumps.

Multi Column Base 
Securely position up to three preparative columns, customize and organize your system with a wide range of accessories. Learn more about multi column base.

HPLC column 
Preparative separation columns. Find the perfect column from the large KNAUER portfolio.

Fiber optics flow cell 
Measure close to the column to minimize peak broadening with fiber optics. Go to Fiber optics cable or Preparative UV Flow Cell

User friendly and powerful CDS software available for your choice:
Purity Chrom CDS
ClarityChrom CDS
OpenLab CDS
Chromeleon™ 7

Peak and solvent recycling

A separation can be much more demanding after upscaling from analytical to preparative scale. In many cases a baseline separation is not possible anymore, so time and money consuming method development or hardware adjustments are necessary. The AZURA Prep LC system is well-suited to apply the peak recycling technique to solve demanding resolution tasks. Additionally, solvent recycling can be applied to save eluent, if it can be considered clean.
Peak recycling basically elongates the separation length of the column by using the column bed multiple times. Most preparative chromatography users are familiar with the term but do not necessarily know in which cases this special solution is beneficial. The technology allows the eluted substances to be led back to the column after these have passed through it. Thereby, critical peak pairs that run together can be separated further with each cycle. The only requirement for peak recycling is an isocratic separation method, one additional valve, and a T-fitting.

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