The flexible protein purification platform

Design your FPLC system according to your purification task!

Complete solutions for FPLC (Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography) on a minimum footprint: AZURA® FPLC systems combine flexibility and reliability. The biocompatible/metal free AZURA® FPLC is the perfect choice for your protein purification task. 
Design your AZURA Bio purification system to your needs. Multiple functionalities such as automatic sample injection via autosampler, column switching, buffer and sample selection as well as fraction collection enable the user to automate the purification process.
A large range of different detectors make your target molecules visible. Different flow rates and compatibility to columns from all venders offer maximum flexibility. The intuitive software PurityChrom® combines all the advantages of a versatile purification software.

What is Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)?

FPLC is a form of liquid chromatography to purify large biomolecules like proteins or DNA. External factors like high temperature, high pressure, extreme pH, or solvents can disturb the protein structure and are therefore avoided in FPLC. Besides, the method uses column materials out of agarose or polymer material which are very sensitive against pressure fluctuations and air bubbles.
We designed our systems to meet your purification challenges!

You choose the method-
We have the Bio purification system for you

  • Size Exclusion (SEC)
  • Affinity (AC)
  • Ion-Exchange (IEX)
  • Hydrophobic Interaction (HIC)
  • All in One 
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

    SEC, also referred to as gel permeation chromatography (GPC), separates the components by molecular size while the sample is passing through the stationary phase (one step).
    The deciding factor is the pore size distribution of the stationary phase. However, it is not a sieving effect, but a diffusion effect, because large molecules are eluted faster than the small ones.

    The smaller molecules can better penetrate into the pores of the stationary phase and thus stay longer in the column than large molecules, which have less space for movement and therefore are more strongly entrained with the eluent. Therefore, the big molecules elute first.

    View SEC systems

  • Affinity Chromatography (AC)

    Affinity chromatography is a multi-step process (binding, washing, elution) characterized by specific binding of the target molecules to the column material. Therefore, the ligand of the stationary phase must be matched to the target molecules. In a washing step, all non-specifically bound portions of the sample are removed. The subsequent elution step releases the target molecules.

    View AC systems

  • Ion-Exchange Chromatography (IEX)

    Ion exchange chromatography separates molecules based on their total charge.

    It is a competitive process in which target molecules and all molecules in the sample featuring a polarity of the same direction are first "nonspecifically" bound to the stationary phase and then gradually eluted (2 steps).

    For example, a cation exchanger is used for target molecules with a positive overall charge.

    The stationary phase itself is of opposite charge, that is negatively charged. Initial binding to the stationary phase occurs under low ionic strength conditions, i.e. the mobile phase with the sample has a low electrolyte content. The elution is achieved by a salt gradient. By increasing the salt concentration, proteins with a weak charge elute first, while at higher salt concentrations proteins with a strong charge elute later.

    View IEX systems

  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC)

    Separation is performed based on hydrophobic interaction and gradient elution.

    View HIC systems

  • Multi - Method Systems

    In protein purification processes different methods are usually combined in a more complex purification strategy. Multi-Method systems can be used to perform all methods used in your purification strategy on one system. 

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Configure your perfect FPLC system

Build a custom solution based on your requirements. Just pick the components that match your method parameters.
From simple to complex, from Lab to Pilot scale: Design your AZURA® FPLC system according to your purification task!
AZURA Bio Lab allows you to create FPLC systems with highest independence. Just pick your modules and build-up the system yourself. Continue flexibility with intuitive PurityChrom® software.

FPLC Valves for your Lab system at one glance

  • Inlet Valves
  • Injection Valves
  • Column Selection Valves
  • Outlet Valves
  • Inlet Valves

    Choosing between a multitude of buffers and samples is essential when auomating a purification routine. To do so you can choose to add multiple inlet valves to the system pump and sample pump to widen your selection.        

    Up to three valves can be combined in an FPLC module docking station. A combination between sample pump, small detector and  valves in one docking station is also possible.

    See Docking Station
  • Injection Valves

    Within an FPLC purification differing sample sizes are common, ranging from microliter to liter. To handle the changing sample sizes one often switches between a sample pump and sample loops for sample injection. A multi-injection valve is perfect to do so in a lab system. 

    See Injection Valve
  • Column Selection Valves

    FPLC purifications are usually a multi step process. And each step relies on a specific column. To be able to switch between these columns fast and easy the column selection valve can be used in a lab system.

    See Valve
  • Outlet Valves

    An outlet valve module can be used as a standalone fractionation valve or in combination with a fraction collector. Besides fraction collection the outlet valve can also be used to transform your standard Lab system into a two step purification system.

                                                 Eight Outlets                                                  Sixteen Outlets 

    Up to three valves can be combined in an FPLC module docking station. A combination between sample pump, small detector and valves in one docking tation is also possible.

    See Docking Station

FPLC Software PurityChrom®

The PurityChrom® is a powerful software to control your FPLC system. Get familiar with PurityChrom® in shortest time and with no effort due to the intuitive and clearly structured user interface. Choose a time- or volume based workflow by just clicking one button. Create methods with highest flexibility to realize complex application without losing easy handling. Offline licenses for creating methods and data evaluation are for free.

Made in Germany - the new FPLC columns

Discover the new prepacked FPLC columns based on Agarose and Dextran. KNAUER offers prepacked FPLC columns and resins for all common FPLC applications: Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), Affinity Chromatography (AC) and Ion-Exchange Chromatography (IEX)

Bio purification accessories and FPLC spare parts

Sometimes it is the little things that produce the big results. In addition to systems and devices, KNAUER offers a wide range of Accessories and Supplies. These parts are compatible with all commonly used HPLC or FPLC systems, columns, pumps, as well as detectors and were designed to simplify everyday laboratory life.

Accessory Features Benefit
• Contains two pressure sensors
• Automatic determination of pressure difference with PurityChrom®
• Connect 1/16” or 1/8” tubings
• Up to 250 ml/min and 60 bar
Monitor pressure over the
column bed and protect
column from damage
Air Sensor • Detect end of buffer or end of sample with PurityChrom®
• Up to four air sensors per system
• For transparent tubings with 1/16” or 1/8” or 1/4” outer diameter
Protect column from air
damage and support
automation ( e.g. sample
• Attach air sensor, pressure control, AZURA Organizer or your
interface box to the side panel of your AZURA L device
Organize your system.
• Attach columns from 5 mm to 26 mm diameter, falcon tubes, a
back pressure regulator or a pH flow cell
Organize accessories directly
at the system and reduce
dead volume
Back pressure
regulator (BPR)
• Apply a constant back pressure to your system
• Freely adjustable between 1-20 bar or 20-103 bar
Prevent formation of air
bubbles after the column
which disturb detector signal

Scale-up from Lab to Pilot

Choose the Pilot series if you want to increase your productivity even more. Upscale our Lab configuration with same flexibility, software PurityChrom® but minimal footprint. Just transfer and upscale your methods. Flow rates up to 1000 ml/min and loads up to several grams are possible.

AZURA® Bio purification (FPLC)

The complete brochure gives you an excellent overview of protein purification with the flexible AZURA FPLC systems. Get to know the components of the FPLC Bio Systems and the different possibilities in detail.
We have designed our systems to meet your purification challenges!

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