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Choose from our wide range of pumps, detectors or valves. Different types and sizes are available: analytical, semi-preparative, high-quality steel or bio-inert. With compatible tubings, fittings and software products.

A dedicated OEM team is available for you throughout the complete process and supports you with expertise to find the best solution.
Whatever you choose, you will receive a high quality customized product with your label on top!

Download the OEM product configuration catalog.


  • Determining technical and functional requirements.

    Different industries and users need tailor-made solutions: We develop products together with you to perfectly meet your customer‘s requirements.

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  • Putting together the right modules

    We offer a variety of choices, from stand alone products to integrated versions - or a customized solution.

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  • Customizing and optimizing the look of the product

    Would you like to have your own exterior design which fits your other products and company pattern? We provide all the required CAD files and work on them together with you to achieve the best solution.

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  • Testing and approval

    Verification is an essential step to apply in order to satisfy the customer and to deliver a product that matches the industry quality standards. We check that the product we are building matches the users and business needs. The biggest challenge within a hardware and software project is to be in time, in quality and in budget. In order to ensure the agreed quality, we coordinate all system tests, which the manufactured products must go through in our company after production, with our customers. We deliver the desired test certificates in customer design to ensure that the customer‘s incoming good inspections can be reduced to a minimum.

  • Serial production and training

    Fulfilling a mission requires team work, long-term partnership and collaboration. We are proud to have business partners all over the world by integrating our technology into their business needs.



CNC production - Made in Germany 

Since its founding in 1962, KNAUER has been a company with its own CNC production and equipment assembly, so KNAUER is independent of bottlenecks in the supplier market. Due to the efficient and modern in-house parts production, fast development cycles can be realized. Both the normal shift operation as well as small series production and prototyping run in parallel.

Materials processed by KNAUER cover the spectrum of all parts, such as V4A stainless steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys and high-tech plastics. This allows us to optimally respond to the individual needs of our customers and ensure a fast delivery time.


KNAUER supports OEM kits with technical documentation for different types of certifications such as CE and CSA/UL.

Innovation and quality

New machines: As the requirements for prototypes and series production continue to increase, the CNC department has been completely modernized for over EUR 1.5 million in recent months. The new CNC machines and high-quality measuring machines make it possible to achieve higher quality and precision in a shorter time. Further high investments are made in the software equipment.

New skills: The new lathe has three fast revolvers. With this machine, the complete machining of a complex turning part without manual re-clamping is possible. The elimination of the re-tightening step and a faster tool change noticeably accelerate the machining process.

Stricter quality control: In order to meet the increased demands on component tolerances, an automated 3D tactile measuring system has been set up for quality control. In this way, more parts can be tested with increased accuracy.

KNAUER OEM. Three Examples.

product selection guide for OEm 

The Movie.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. How does KNAUER relate to this? Let’s say your company examplescience.biz, decided to extend their product range. Goal is an affordable, top-selling HPLC pump with market launch at a specific date. But this raises some challenges for your company like time and human ressources management, budget, engineering competency, certification process, supply chain, service and support, etc.

The answer to your company’s challenge is: Looking for a strategic Partner who can provide a customized and comprehensive turnkey solution. This is exactly what KNAUER OEM does!

Your solution. Now.

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